GRIMRIK ”Eisreich”

Deivlforst Records -2014- Germany

Grimrick is another band/project over this German label which plays ambiental/dark
dungeon music. In this case, the closest band to which it reminds me is Vinterriket. The
music itself and the song titles remind me of this great project and they are able to stand
shoulder by shoulder with Vinterriket. This release is a very short one with only 5 songs
on it, but in this case they are enough. A bit more would take the charm away from this
release. The atmosphere that you feel here is the atmosphere of pure cold winter which
allows you to dream while snowflakes fall on your path. It is hard to say which of the 5
songs I liked the most, but I must say that I for sure can’t wait for winter to enjoy them
even more.

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