GRIMFORST – “Friede herrscht, wo nichts mehr lebt”

Cursed Records – 2012 – Austuria

Some time ago the Austrians GRIMFORST put their second opus “ Friede Herrscht, Wo Nichts Mehr Lebt“ via Cursed Records on the dark market.

After the instrumental intro “Dämmerung“ which let already conjecture the musical direction of GRIMFORST it goes straight flat out at the following song “Wolf“! Black Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Pitch-black base frames are covered by expressive Black Metal riffs. A severe, powerful musical mass originates which reflects in the all in all eight songs. GRIMFORST limit thereby not only of repetitious riffs. On the contrary. Multi-variant riffs and a forceful doubleblast drumming make the production to something which moves musically beyond the well-trodden genre paths. An additional advantage are the lyrics which are featured in German language. “Let the battle begin.“ GRIMFORST took this with “ Friede Herrscht, Wo Nichts Mehr Lebt“ literally. But, here are also strike undertones now and then. A varied mix from everything which will delight the ingrained Black Metal fan. Meanwhile the guys work on their already third album. We will wait eagerly for the things which will come in the future!!!!


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