GRIM RITUAL ”Apocalyptic Ruin”

Dungeon Splatter Studio – 2010 – U.S.A.

Those unfamiliar to Grim Ritual, this is what I can tell you. They are a four piece post apocalyptic death/doom metal band from Portland, Oregon with tight musicianship and a deliverance of pure brutality. Vocalist/Guitarist Steve, bassist Austin, guitarist Jeremi, and drummer Jake have put something together that seeps with pure evil.

“Undead Nation” carries a great old school rhythm that has you headbanging along with as Steve’s low metal growls oozes in and out. “Blackened Holocaust” almost has a doom-like feel to it as dual guitars churn out a very melancholy tone to it before the double pedal drumming kicks in. “Global Domination Conspiracy” is one of my favorite tracks on here with chugging riffs and with Steve’s vocals at his most strongest here.

This debut shows a lot of promise for Grim Ritual; they all carry a lot of talent that can only be expanded on through the years. If you guys have a chance, go check them out at Reverb Nation and MySpace and pick up a copy of “Apocalyptic Ruin”!


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