Today, Hells Headbangers/Hammerheart Records announces May 14th as the international release date for GRAVEWÜRM’s brand-new album, Infernal Minions. The American band’s ninth full-length overall, Gravewürm’s Infernal Minions “represents our continued path of worshipping the ancient gods of black metal,” says founding vocalist/guitarist Funeral Grave. With cover art done by Massacre’s Kam Lee, Infernal Minions indeed pays respect to the blackened altar of Hellhammer and Venom, Burzum and Beherit, Goatloard and Grand Belial’s Key. Obstinate in their refusal to compromise, dedicated to the bitter end: For 23 years now, Gravewürm have been their own masters, and Infernal Minions is the aggregate accumulation of their arcane wisdom.
01. Nocturnal Inquisition  
02. The Evil Within  
03. Master of the Dark  
04. Dominion of Lost Souls  
05. The Beast of the Abyss  
06. I Die for Hell  
07. Crown of the Fallen  
08. Mistress of Blood and Fire

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