Gory Blister

Italian tech-death metallers GORY BLISTER, will release their long-waited new album, EarthSick, via their new deal with Bakerteam Records on April 23rd. EarthSick, consisting of ten brand-new technical and brutal death metal tracks in the signature style that has always identified the band over the past 20 years. 
Guitarist Raff comments: “This new album is probably the best we’ve ever done. It displays the raw energy we always put into our shows but also the passion that drives us through good and hard times. Death metal is not about money, nor about fashion, it’s a way of live, that requires no compromises. We do this because we believe in it and we want to keep the flame high. Our fans are going to love EarthSick!” 
01. The Breeding (Intro)
02. EarthSick
03. Plague And Pray
04. Decanted Embryos
05. Dominant GenEthics
06. H.I.V.
07. World Damnatomy
08. Soul-Bourne Maladies
09. Serpent Verse
10. Voices From The Sea

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