GOLDEN DAWN ”Return to Provenance”

Non Serviam Records – 2012 – Austria

After plenty of years of silence, Golden Dawn returns to us with a new album. The new album is not as symphonic as it was the case with the previous releases, but the fan still can recognize the sounds and elements of Golden Dawn on this new release. The opener “Nameless” shows right from the first second that time didn’t stand still for Golden Dawn. Off course, at some moments, some of the old sound come to the surface proofing to all those who are not sure if this is the band that recorded “Masquerade” and “The Art of Dreaming” that this is still Golden Dawn and not someone else. Maybe this is a new start instead of a sequel to the old times. Some of the songs here show a great potential do to the new sound. Some songs such as the main song (Return to Provenance) and some other were unthinkable on the older releases and maybe in this sound, they wouldn’t have this potential. “Dark Illuminations” for instance has a certain rock vibe right from the beginning which mixes very fast with the Black Metal. Those kinds of rock elements appear also in some other songs as well, but I just wanted to mention the first one in which it appears. Golden Dawn in 2012 has something to offer to the fans and I hope that with this album they will reach a bigger audience.


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