GODHATECODE ”Weltenschmerz”

Noisehead Records – 2012 – Austria

We can easily consider GODHATECODE as a super group of some sort.The line-up of this Austrian band features names like Wolfgang Rothbauer who is the guitar player of German death metal monsters DISBELIEF,the x-GRAVE drummer Per Ekegren and the vocalist Armin Schweiger who is also holding the mike in the Swedish/Finn death/grinders AFGRUND.Phillippe Seil (bass)and Lukas Heidinger (guitar) are the other members of GODHATECODE. “Weltenschmerz” is the second album of this band after the debut “Aeons” from 2008.The new CD offers eleven tracks of powerful and heavy death metal with very good sound production and interesting compositional ideas.The record explodes with “Ich Bin Krieg” (“I Am War” in English)which is a track ruled by the grinding drumming of Per Ekegren and the solid guitar riffs of both Wolfgang and Lukas.All lyrics are in German which is fine by me although my knowledge in German “ist sehr schlecht”.Armin Schweiger’s angry vocals are intelligible and you can actually hear what is he growling about.Songs like “Feine Gaben” (check out the extreme video for that song),”Prugelknabe” (this track has crushing deathcore breakdown part in the end),”In Leben Nicht”,etc. are full speed ahead grinding attacks.”Schone Freude” and the closing “Todessog” (a track with atmospheric keyboards) are the slow ones in this album.In “Weltenschmerz” you will hear influences from BOLT THROWER,HYPOCRISY,GRAVE, some black metal and some deathcore here and there.The good news is that those elements are fused together in an impressive way and the result is one uncompromising death metal album of a highest quality.If you consider yourself a death metal fan then my advice is to find and listen to GODHATECODE.You will not be disappointed!


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