GLORIOUS NIGHT ”Espectro Perverso”

Self-released – 2013 – Argentina

The Argentineans GLORIOUS NIGHT are already since 2007 musically active. This year they published with “Espectro Perverso“ their first full-length cd in in-house production.

What does my ears hear here? Symphonic Black Metal. Pitch-black sound frameworks encased in melodic Black Metal tones which come in modern and fresh. Accentuated by orchestral insertions is here well exposed the divergence between darkness and beauty. Very techbically played songs which are supported by a powerful, but not overly overlapping doubleblast drumming. You also can’t miss hearing here parallels to Norwegian bands and they are surely wanted. Nevertheless GLORIOUS NIGHT are successful in working out their very own sound. The production receives additional independence by the diversified game with tempi. The distinctive growls which transit now and then into the Death Metal area give additional the main points and make for sustainability. Technically recorded on a high level “Espectro Perverso“ got a very successful, modern Black Metal cd. Listen yourselves! I can only recommend GLORIOUS NIGHT!!!

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