Gloom – Rider Of The Last Light

Spread Evil Records – 2020 – Finland

The Finnish band GLOOM will release at June, 26th 2020 their debut cd “Rider Of The Last Light“ via Spread Evil ProductionsWhat can you expect? GLOOM celebrate here Old School Black Metal. Dark, raw and relentless. Without much frills or even experiments the band serves a banquet of loneliness, hopelessness and despair clothing into notes to the listener. Intense riffs which doesn’t allow any time for digressions. Sometime melodic, sometime hard they carry diversity and coldness. In combination with forceful bass lines and a powerful doubleblast drummimg the all in all eight songs conflate into a bizarre, inanimate unity. The nagging growls are here the amplifier yet. Extremely emotional they abduct the listener into pitch-black worlds. Kept in the upper mid tempo it also doesn’t lack of speed. The production is conscious recorded raw and simple which gives “Rider Of The Last Light“ the final kick yet. Here are musicians at work who exactly know what they want and who are able to exact implement it consequently. Classical Black Metal which revives the good old days. There you get surely appetite for more!!!!

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