GLERAKUR ”Can’t You Wait”

Iceland – 2016 – Prophecy Records

This EP comes to us from the barren wastelands of Iceland. Just like the landscape there, this music here on this release is a cold mix of almost everything. You can find here elements from Black Metal, Ambient, Drone and other related musical genres that combined gives us the music here on this EP. This isnt a release like most releases are since it way beyond any mainstream or trends and as such it is truly worth to check it out because it leads the listeners into an unknown realm. 3 songs are on this release and because of this, i am as a listener not so happy about it just because I want more. This way it is a good entry into the music of GlerAkur and now I will wait for more from them. The second song Polycide; here goes into the Ulver, Tenhi and Empyrium way at the beginning, but after a while it turns into something different like some kind of soundscape. In the third song Willocide; come some Black Metal elements into it. This is also the song with the most ideas in it . I can recommend to keep an eye and ear open for another release from GlerAkur, but I just hope that it will be longer next time.


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