Ketzer Records – 2010 – Norway

Norwegian Gjenferdsel is on the scene once again with their second full lenght album “Varde” with a Nordic sound, I’ve been listening to to it for months. I could write about it tonight. I used to listen to the cold bands of the cold country. They feel better in the hot summer. That’s what I call old school Viking sauced Norway black metal…

Band’s name means a soul that takes a trip to the dead men’s soil. Band don’t have high musical quality and technic. They have a minimalistic and plain composition structure. All the lyrics are in Norwegian. They are bond to their roots, you can see it in the album cover too.

You may remember, once upon a time there were bands like Storm, Isengard, Emperor, Satyricon, Dodheimsgard, and maybe I can tell Falkenbach, Mithotyn too… Gjenferdsel is their underground and pure black metal version. Folk elements are used, chorus vocals are used too. But they aren’t as melodic as them.

A very simple cover design, might be a relic. This is not a high profile band, but you can’t ignore them. Take a look!


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