GHAST ”May the Curse Bind”

Flenser Records – 2010 – United Kingdom

Ghast is once again on the scene, with their second album “My The Curse Bind”. Band labelled themselves as black/doom metal but this is a black metal band.

Album cover is very simple, but I didn’t understand a thing. But recording is bad. Especially when drums get faster, guitars are getting lost, becoming hard to hear. Musically, I couldn’t find much, their riffs are weak. In my opinion, if you make ‘black/doom(!)’, you could write more confusing and depressing riffs, make a dirty recording and create depressing and gloomy songs. Songs are getting slower and faster time to time. This is a good thing, if that wasn’t like that, album would be far more boring. Vocals are known scream vocal, but sometimes it is broken. To tell the truth, I can’t say I like the album. This didn’t make me feel anything.


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