GARDEN OF GRIEF – Denied Sanctuary X

Self Released Album – 2013 -Austria

Recently I took notice of a 1-man project from Austria which is already since 2008 musically active under this name.
The first song “Sanctuary Denied Forever“ comes in classical and very spheric. It acts alone by synthesizer variations. Thereby emerge dream worlds which take its full effects quite without vocals. This impression is already thrown over at the following song “Into The Vale of Dreams“. Melodic Black Metal is now the topic. Raw and primordial you can literally feel hate and darkness. An icy atmosphere structures which is without light and hope. The vocals vary from growls to nagging vocals and manifest the ominous, pitch-black musically world of GARDEN OF GRIEF. The mxture between melodies and Black Metal as well as the recurring symbiosis of instrumental and pitch-black musical parts results in the sound of GARDEN OF GRIEF. Melancholic, misanthropic, simply not of this world. Very emotional and dedicated recorded is “Denied In Sanctuary X“ a production which you don’t forget that fast. Listen to the cd best yourselves. It’s worth it!!!!


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