GAPED ”The Murderous Inception”

Lacarated Enemy Records – 2014 – Australia

Last year the Australian 1-man project GAPED put his first cd on the Metal market. It is called “The Murderous Inception“ and is distributed by the help of Lacerated Enemy Records.
The opener “Let The Cutting Begin“ initially starts with a spoken passage in order to give away its real musical aim after that. Swedish Death Metal at its finest. Powerful and multi-variant played riffs which are sophisticated and bear wittness to high facility. These already differ alone by its richness of variety from several other Death Metal productions. Nevertheless Ryan Huthnance doesn’t dissipate here. Supported by a drumming which gives the main points and forceful bass-lines develop six songs which get across hardness and energy. The dark, distinctive growls yet round off the musical general view positively. Here is the neck muscle in permanent rotation. In spite of aggressiveness GAPED renounces of high speed thrashing. But, don’t worry! Nevertheless the songs have sufficient bite. They all move in the upper mid tempo area. Technical on a high level and very dedicated you hear here with each note that Mr. Huthnance knew exactly his own mind and had been able to implement this very well alone on his own. You can only guess how much dedication is embedded in “The Murderous Inception“ as only one person has recorded it. Listen to the cd and form your own opinion about it. It’s worth it!!!!


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