Slovakian gothic doom act GALADRIEL announced that Hoyas is no longer their drummer. Here’s the announcement in their official web site:
“Hoyas is no longer the drummer of Galadriel !We’re sorry to announce that Hoyas is no longer the drummer of our band. After some problems we decided to stop our cooperation. Our friendship remains unbroken !
We would like to thank for the past 2 years we spent together driving the hell and wish to Hoyas all the best in his next life and his musical carreer with his band Attack Of Rage !
Thank You”
The band that was preparing their new studio album and were to play a gig in Romania, posted also the following announcement:
“The process of recording of our new album is still not finished !
We must Cancel the Romanian tour and the show in Bratislava!!!
We’re very sorry and feel the anger, but the recording of our new album is still not over. Due to this situation and some other problems we must to cancel the Romanian Tour ! and the show in Bratislava.
Dear Romanian fans, we want to say sorry for this situation and we hope we will come to your country as soon as possible.
We want to say SORRY to organizers too, we know it is very bad for you!”
The drums for their upcoming album which will be recorded in Studio J in Trnava (Slovakia) will be played by Dr. Victor (ex-Galadriel, Karpina) and Jan Tornad (Cad, Vandali).

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