FURVA AMBIGUITAS ”In Articulo Mortis”

Possession Productions – 2009 – Russia

First of all, I want to talk about the profile of the band. In the band, there’s a man and a lady. If you take a look at the pictures, there’s gothic/doom athmosphere, I though they are like Dargaard but when you listen to the song, you can feel that this is black/doom. Maybe we can call their genre funeral doom/black. I was suprised when I started to listen to the album, I thought that the female member was playing bass or keyboard but it appears that she is the band’s vocalist. This is the first time I saw a female vocal in this genre but it is nice, vocals are good. Band is inspired by Nortt, and maybe a little Mournful.

I wish I could talk about the lyrics, but I can’t do that. Because I couldn’t find them, and I think I couldn’t talk about them even if I found them, because it’s in Russian. It seems they wrote about mystic, philosophic and ocultic topics.

Band recorded a demo before this album, I wanted to listen to it too, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. If there is a negative about the album, I would say there is very much vocal in the songs. I like more instrumental things about this genre. Album cover is gloomy enough but not different than the others.

6,5 /10

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