Funeris Nocturnum have split-up

Finnish extreme metallers FUNERIS NOCTURNUM have split up and four of the group’s members — Simo Rahikainen (guitar), Matti Honkonen (bass), Timo Häkkinen (drums), J-V Hintikka (guitar) — have joined forces with singer Jimmy Salmi in a new band called ATAKHAMA. According to a posting on ATAKHAMA’s web site, the FUNERIS NOCTURNUM members “felt that the band had done all it could, and decided to lay it to rest.”

ATAKHAMA, whose music is described as “a brutal, aggressive, dynamic and fast straight-forward blasting dose of extreme metal,” signed with Finland’s Woodcut Records and recorded their debut album, “Existence Indifferent”, in September/October with producer Sami Kokko. A February release is expected.

Source:Official Page

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