FUNERAL TEARS ”Your Life My Death”

Marche Funebre Productions/Stygian Crypt Productions – 2010 – Russia

In Winter, it is suitable for me to receive an album like this, because If it came to Turkey when it had been released (June, 2010), we might not like that album in Turkey’s hot weather. As you know, we, Turkish people, listen to music according to our psychology and to weather, as well.

Funeral Tears is consist of just one person and it has been formed in 2007. “Your Life My Death” is the first album on the scene. Album cover is entirely equivalent with content of the album, it is really too successful.

Album starts with a cold song named “Cold Winter Wind”, there is soft, dark, cold and depressive atmosphere. There are heavy brutal vocals and soft rhytms songs in the album. It is a wholly funeral doom metal album with long and deathful songs.

I can suggest this album to people searching for something depressive, cold and coming from North. It is suitable for people want to listen to really dark and deep songs.


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