FUNERAL GOAT ”Mass ov Perversion”

Daemon Worship Productions – 2009 – Netherlands

Taking a look at the band’s members, we see band’s guitarsit and vocal “HerrAIDS”, plays for suicidal and slow tempo bands Nibdem and Zelfhaat. But Funeral Goat makes pure black metal. Lyrics are about satanism and ocultism, so the vocalist seems a little strange, but I liked the vocal this way.

I investigated the band before listening to the songs. I wondered what a melancholic and emotional person can do with pure black metal. After I listened, I found non-emotional and hard album, I mean I found what I looked for. Album is good in the name of black metal. This is the first album of the band. There is 13 songs and 33 minutes in the album. All the songs are 1-2 minutes long. And it seems that’s enough.

Vocalist’s screaming ‘Sacrifice’ in the intro song “Praise the Beast” is still echoing in my ears. Vocals are close to brutal, I didn’t like it, because this isn’t the soul of black metal but it was good that they’ve added echo to the chorus parts’ vocals. Except for ‘Conjuration’ and ‘Funeral Goat’ songs, all the songs are hard and heavy, exactly a satanic black metal, blast beasts never shuts up. Album smells carcass!

Marduk, Setherial, Dark Funeral and first times of Immortal influences can be heard in the band. Although they are from Netherlands, songs are more like Swedish metal.

Album cover is special to black metal, and identical to the band’s name. This is a goat icon, but used in a different way. I liked the album in general but sometimes I felt like same song different lyrics. But isn’t that black metal?


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