FUMIGATION ”Integrated Pest Management”

Self-released – Canada

This is the first album of this Death Metal band from Ontario/Canada. This bands plays on this album pure Death Metal in the 80’s and 90’s vein without any Black/Doom/Gothic/Melodic/etc. elements that so many Death Metal bands use today. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of this kind of music, but I will try to give a good and reliable judgment about this record. I am not so much into this Deicide/Six Feet Under deep growls where you can’t understand a word. This way, I can’t tell you something about the lyrics of the songs. The music on the other hands offers much more. There are some very interesting elements in there that even reminds me a bit of some Nu Metal like Machine Head and so on. That wasn’t so strange for the old Death Metal bands back then. I am sure that this album will be a wet dream for all the Old School Death Metal fans out there.


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