FUCK THE FACTS ”Disgorge Mexico”

Relapse Records – 2008 – Canada.

Now and ever, clean crisp… Three things that I can tell about these guys; sheer fun, amusement, mambo jumbo. It is no use and in vain to utter any other words than these to describe Fuck The Facts. Shortly, the Canadian nutz have just done it, and cut into the scene with an album befitting their genre.

When I think of the everlasting fuss among all metalheads, which is basically, Disgorge(MEX) vs. Disgorge(US), it is the rightdown answer what just Fuck The Facts gives ultimately. Even mocking with this stuff, simply not giving a damn shit to all the kind of pupil arguments, and making the music only, the band has released “Disgorge Mexico” album into the scene.

After a mouthful of rot talk, I want to come to the album as always. Signing under many an albums during past 10 years, FTF, with their 8. Full-length album has taken place in the stacks, and proved their relentless prolific efforts ever since their previous album “Stigmata High-Five”, if you ask me. But, only with a single difference, which I sensed in this album, concerning their slight desire to get into more serious stuff. Accordingly and for the reason that, the riffs and melodies are continous in a serious, contemplative composition. it is indeed an album that has been made allusive to Disgore(Mex). Although Metal core patterns are prominent in the album, the Grindcore spirit within has not died out at all. Not going off from the Groovy structure for years, the band does not seem to depart from the same attitude. Mel, the fantastic girl of the band, has executed perfectly befitting with Whatever Tapon had in his mind when he was composing the songs. When it comes to the content of the album, I can’t say any of the songs are direct-cut from others, as all the tracks are on near levels. However, do not expect to be insanely enkindled up with this album (surely, it is my personal statement for I don’t know how much potential boost you have got in your guts :p). So, as the album goes in a “steady state”, it might get boring at some point or another. Anyways, the fact that FTF has produced such a work renders quite provoking to buy this album.

In short, when I look at back to the other FT albums, It is different, but not that satisfying. However, since I’m one of those guys out there who’ll listen to anything FTF farts out, I recommend you to obtain, and listen to this album, and say no more than Fack The Facts.

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