FROZEN DAWN ”’ Those Of The Cursed Light”

Xtreem Music – 2014 -Spain

FROZEN DAWN are from Spain. They published in March 2014 their second full-length cd named “Those Of The Cursed Light“.

FROZEN DAWN indulge in Black Metal. A mixture of old Black Metal tones and modern Black Metal. Out of this black musical mixture originated furious songs full of hate and hopelessness. Rough like the churing sea and nevertheless melodic the gents literally shout out the sorrow of the entire human kind. Melodic riffs and a powerful, very memorable drumming are the elements of the musical base frame. Thereby the riffs sound like the old SATYRICON or IMMORTAL without thereby imitate or sounding outdated. Emotional and bizarre the listener runs a cold shiver down his spine. The growls of vocalist and guitarist Grinder reinforce morbidity and emptiness. The all in all nine songs are all located in the mid tempo area. There is even a song in German language (“Kalte Seele“) which especially delights me personally. Professional and emphatic recorded “Those Of The Cursed Light“ continues to have an effect for a long time. Who is into a Black Metal mix in the year 2014 should take FROZEN HEART to heart by all means!!!!


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