Greetings Gionata! I hope everything is okay in Italy firstly could you describe your group for Turkish black metal fans?
Gionata Potenti:
Greetings to you Turkey! Well we should start off saying that Frostmoon Eclipse is an Italian Black Metal band that plays a sort of mix between melodic black metal and acoustic rock. The band exists since 1994 and released 5 albums and countless split, ep’s and other stuff. We are 4 people with the classic 4 people line up consisting in one guitar, one bass, one singer and one drums.

I read that Davide Gorrini and you have been playing most famous black metal band Glorior Belli and otherwise especially you play with another bands isn’t it so hard play in a lot of bands?
I’m still playing drums with French Glorior Belli and yes, Davide (bassplayer) played with them too for almost one year as session member. He also played session guitar with Swedish Black-Metallers Valkyrja for their tour with Gorgoroth and Vader. We all have side projects and other bands yes, Claudio (guitar player) plays in Stroszek.. I’m playing with Glorior Belli, Frostmoon Eclipse, Deathrow, Kult, Tumulus Anmatus and lots of others. Sometimes is not easy to manage everything but during those years I learnt to practice alone with recorded guitars and metronome so I don’t need a real band and real rehearsals to get ready for shows… so even if bands I’m playing with are living far away from me, or in another country like Glorior Belli, I can play every weeks by myself and get ready. Usually the other guys plays with some drums recording of me playing I send them. It is no easy and especially it’s not like to have a real band… so no hung out together, no drinking.. we’re just talking via telephone/PC mostly of the time.. but it’s the only solution.

Lets turn to Frostmoon Eclipse what do you do for those days?
We’re actually rehearsing to get ready for future shows we’re actually defining and jamming some new songs.. we have 3-4 new songs in progress… so we’re definitely thinking to a new album, maybe end of the year.

You’re quiet old band which countries you had chance to perform in?
Well, we played in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, France, Spain, UK, Greece and USA. Before the end of the year we’ll also add Turkey and Belarus to the list. He he… We’re quite old but to be honest we didn’t tour that much with Frostmoon Eclipse.. we need to do much more for this new year coming.. we need to visit more countries.

If we talk about the fans which country’s fans did you like it the most?
Spanish crowd was amazing but to be honest Slovenian metalheads are the best. We had the best fun in Slovenia: people is extremely friendly and crazy.. really nice people.

Your style is not raw or pure black metal when I listen you I see a lot of atmospheric items could you describe your music that you play?
I can understand our proposal could sound a bit strange by the most but Frostmoon Eclipse is not the typical average band. Our sound is a bit different and I’d like to think personal too. The best way to describe our music is to say that it is a quite well structured mix between melodic black metal and acoustic rock. You can find extreme speed blast beats finishing in one ethereal acoustic rock break while turning again into brutality 2 minutes after. Our sound has the opposites fighting for the right balance, like heaven and hell, or water and fire…

Who are your words are written by? What do you draw inspiration when you write your songs about lyrical tgene?
Basically all lyrics are mine except some of the new album written by Lorenzo (singer). I don’t know where I take inspiration from.. probably life and its fails. Not my life.. life in general I mean. I love to talk about delusion, broken dreams and negative feeling cause their are the main structure of human’s existence. I don’t think life is easy and definitely not nice too sometimes. Death and the End are still lurking in the dark waiting, ready to attack. We’re not completely melancholic people but we’re not able to play for just fun or having a good time relaxing and singing about life’s goodness. We have a pessimistic view about reality and we like to focus our music following our feelings.

You work with Osmose production most of big groups work with them are you glad for work with them?
We are extremely glad to work with them.. they are very professional and they have a huge distribution.. you can find our album all around the globe. Basically our life hasn’t changed at all, we’re still underground and we won’t get rich he he… but it’s a big satisfaction to get released by a so cult label… I have something like 50-60 albums released by Osmose Productions at home.. all old bands like Enslaved, Immortal, Sadistik Exacution, Absu and Marduk comes from there.. so we are proud to have one album released by the same label.

You’ve never had any break even there are a lot of member change in your band your last EP record a ticket to nowhere could you explain us record term?
No well, we didn’t really get so much line up changes in the past, basically the band has the same line up from 2000 except for the bass player that has been replaced around 2008. Gherardo (the old bass player) couldn’t play with us anymore because of his study and he’s actually living in Denmark. Really no bad feelings with him, but he had to change his life and he couldn’t afford his role anymore.

Gherardo Giannarelli joined your group and you have lost your friend it must be very hard to lost your band member that you’ve played a lot?
I’m not sure I have understood the question but whatever if you mean that it should be hard to separate ways from a so long time member yes, the answer is yes. Gherardo shared with us a lot of great moments and memories and he’s a fucking cool guy to spent time with but life has its priority and he had his own business to solve. Life goes on. Fortunately we found a very good and talented bassplayer to replace him, Davide, that also become an essential part for Frostmoon Eclipse of today. Life goes on, time is changing… a band need to look straight and go ahead. Alternative solutions were not possible.

What your plans for those days you have any news about concert album vs.
As I told you before we’re actually working on some new compositions. It’s to early to understand what direction they will take but songs are still Frostmoon Eclipse sounding. “The End Stands Silent” has very long songs so we’ll try to cut it short a bit on the new album getting medium length tracks… not repeating ourselves. We have some new live shows booked for spring/summer so probably we’re going to rehearse a lot to be ready 100%.

Do you have any plan about making your perform a DVD?
I really would like to do one, really but we have no money to make a professional one. We would need a serious equipment to record everything with a perfect sound and a multiple cameras.. it’s a bit difficult for an underground band. Budgets are always small. Maybe one day, who knows? I’d like to put inside also some tour stories, pictures and some live interview of us talking about the band.

Gionata I heard something about you like make tattoo that you visited country is this for a collection or for good memories?
He he! Yes this is not a legend but truth. I like tattoos and I like to mark my body with a good memory but only when I visit a country that is really different from Europe. I mean, I’m not full of tattoos… I’ve just got some that are really “specific” he he… I love to look at my body and remember forever the experience I had in my life.

And then the tattoos that you choose about the country that you visited what’s the critters for this?
In the past I toured Mexico with my band Deathrow and I played in Canada with Glorior Belli. When I’ve been to Mexico I tattooed a snake god called Quetzalcoatl, a divinity that represent death and resurrection for the maya/aztech culture. When in Canada I got a typical maple leaf with a skull inside. As you may notice I chose the design getting some typical emblem of the country I’m in. I’m just displeased I couldn’t have any tattoo in USA while touring with Frostmoon Eclipse back in 2008 cause the distance from city to city were huge so we had no time to lose one day looking for a good tattooer to make it. We also had the design ready but we lacked of fortune he he.

That’s all my questions ı hope you re not bored thanks for accepted our interview request and do you have anything that you would like to add?
Not boring at all! Love interviews with some strange/different questions like yours.. sometimes is boring just talking about the same repeating stuff. If anyone wants to know more about the band I recommend our official webpage where you can find anything about the band: Come to see us live in Istanbul in some months! See you there guys!

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