FROSTAGRATH ”A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow”

Maa Productions – 2012 – Egypt

FROSTAgratH from Egypt is heard from again. In the form of a full-length cd which is called “A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow“. The cd is disibuted via Visionaire Records.

Here is also celebrated Depressive Black Metal. Pitch-black sound frameworks encased of kept simple riffs. These are halting, Doom tinted and reinforce the desperate, icy undertone. Dark worlds without light and colours develop. Lord Mist also gives here main points and caters for sustainability with his emphatic, very emotional screams. Pains and hopelessness within your reach transformed into notes. The all in all six songs are all located in the mid tempo area whereby the fast passages are left entirely out. The powerful drumming which inserts very well in the overall structure supports and reinforces the depressive atmosphere. “A Jourey Of Infinite Sorrow“ got an extremely intense album which demands a lot of staying power from the listener. A bizarre, beautiful cd which you should listen to by all means!!!

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