FORGOTTEN TOMB ”Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love”

Agonia Records – 2015 – Italy

FORGOTTEN TOMB are already very long in the music business. In April 2015 they released their latest opus “Hurt yourself And The Ones You Love“ via Agonia Records.
FORGOTTEN TOMB also pursue at this production their already musical path taken consequently. You can hear here Doom Metal with several Black Metal borrowings. Thereof developed seven songs with a difference. Played in slower speed they are despite of their Doom character anything but stringily or verbose. Dark and nevertheless fresh presented the entire production has bite and self-assertion. FORGOTTEN TOMB move by the use of melodic, little short of Rock elements, a bit away from the classical Doom Metal to the Doom Metal of 2015. Thereby benefit there long experienced and technical experience. The gents know here exactly what they do. The result can be thoroughly heard. Who is not averse of modern Doom Metal sounds can unhesitatingly grab here!!!!


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