FORGOTTEN ”13 Martyrs”

Noisehead Records – 2012 – Turkey

I recently got the knowledge of a very old Turkish Metal band which already makes music since 1995. There is talk of FORGOTTEN. The gents released with “13 Martyrs” their latest opus.

Here is offered Melodic Metal. Traditional Heavy Metal meets Symphonic Metal. This results roughly speaking in the sound of FORGOTTEN. Supported by piano performances and folkloric sounds now and then which give the all in all eight songs still an extra kick if innovation and freshness. The listener is abducted in a dreamworld of battles and wars of bygone times as well as shamanism. The vocals are classical Metal style which fit in very well in the musical overall structure. By the fusion of different musical styles originates a very independent mixture. It is extremely successful arranged. The always kept in the background drumming gives the songs a bit hardness without thereby to seem exaggerated. The variable used riffs give also additional energy. The production moves thereby always in the mid tempo area. FORGOTTEN play very ambitious and professional.You notice here with every note that are professionals at work! “13 Martyrs” becomes a very intersting cd which I can warmly entrust to each Metal fan who wanders once in a while apart the beaten Metal tracks!! Let the flame of Metal burn high!!!

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