For Many Reasons -” Make your own”

Great Dane Records – 2013- France

The French band FOR MANY RESONS are heart from again. Namely in the form of the cd “Make Your Own“. It was published by the label Great Dane Records.
The gents celebrate here the Death Metal. Forceful Death Metal riffs mix with melodic parts to a deadly musical mass. Thereby the riffs may also be chopped, indeed a bit static. The production receives hardness because of this severity and brutality which becomes it. Synthesizer sounds interspersed now and then give “Make Your Own“ an experimental complexion which however carries no weight that much. The forceful drumming knows how to establish and reinforces the hard aspect. The variable vocals which contain once severe growls and then also again calm, clean vocals emphasize the experimental side of the band. The variable use of speed which can change from one second to the other shows on the one hand the technical adeptness of the band. On the other hand it relaxes the dark, harsh atmosphere a bit without thereby sounding too soft. Very professional recorded I can only recommend FOR MANY REASONS to each open-minded (Death) Metal fan!!!!


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