FOLKEARTH ”Viking’s Anthem”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2010 – International

I had talked about this band before and it is Folkearth’s second album that I made review. Band’s staff is quite crowded again. In first album, the number of people in the band was twelve but this time, it is fourteen. There are people coming from different countries again as it is the same for the first album. And normally, the songs are different between each other according to instruments played in songs except from the fixed staff. On average, there five or six people for a song.

Considering the consept, the band is going to the same way. In first album cover design, there are largely blue tones used and for this new album, the same consept and design again but just the color is brown.

Band’s genre is Epic Folk/Viking metal again. However, the sound of album is a bit naked. Production is a bit troubled, for example, although the voice of female vocal is really good, there are some uninterested parts of songs that not suitable for her. Actually, there are no more troubles except from that.

We can feel epic impressions for this album. People who want to hear flute, violin and cello, may like this album. I can say that try it.


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