FLESHDOLL ”Feeding the Pigs”

Great Dane Records -2013 -France

FLESHDOLL are from France. In October 2013 they released their already third full-length named “Feeding The Pigs“. It is distributed via Great Dane Records.
It is really strong stuff what I hear here. Death Metal, no more, no less. Hard riffs which are nevertheless presented multi-variant punch straight into the listeners’ face. There is headbanging from the first to the last minute the order of the day. Interspersed melodic specles indeed try to relax the aggressive atmosphere a bit, but it is only a drop in the ocean. The highspeed doubleblast drumming as well as strong-willed bass-lines yet reinforce the brutality of the all in all ten songs. Sheer adrenaline! The dark, emphatic growls are still the icing on the cake. “Feeding The Pigs“ got a very energy-rich cd which makes a lasting impression. Very dedicated recorded you hear here with each note that grown musicians were here at work who exactly know what they want musically! A strong piece of Death Metal which impresses by its thrilling solis. Listen to the cd. I can only recommend FLESHDOLL!!!!


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