FIR BOLG ”Towards Ancestral Lands”

Schwarzdorn Records / Metal Promotions – 2013 – France

The 1-man project FIR BOLG will publish in the middle of this year his debut full-length cd “Towards Ancestral Lands“ via Schwarzdorn Productions.

But, how does the songs of the Frenchman really sound like? You can hear here Melodic Black Metal. Powerful, pitch-black riffs conglomerate with melodic parts to compact songs. Interrupted by acoustic parts now and then which work out well the Celtic part of the production and give the listener time to take a breather. This interaction of power and melody enchants and let us plunge into a world of myths and sagas. Odes of bygone times which rekindle battles and a forgotten primeval world. FIR BOLG aka Dagoth lives up to his artists’ name also musically. All components together result in nine tense songs which circuit perfectly the fine line between art and thrash. The emphatic, powerful vocals outstanding fit in the overall structure.! All songs are located in the mid tempo area and impress with technicall ability and richness in variety. An absolutely must for Black Metal and Pagan Metal fans!!!

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