FINSTERFORST ” Mach Dich Frei”

Napalm Records – 2015 – Germany

This is the sixth release of this German band. Their music is hard to describe since it has so much in it. First of all, the keyboards sound very epic as we know them from Falkenbach for instance, while the rest of the music reminds me a bit of Thyrfing from their “Vansinnesvisor” era. The first song here “Schicksals End’” (Destinies end) goes very slow and heavy on. Just like Thyrfing did it back on that album. The keyboards here in this song change from old Falkenbach to Finntroll and Equilibrium. The only thing that I don’t like about this song is that it is with his length of almost 15 minutes a bit too long. In the next song “Zeit Fuer Hass” (Time for Hate) comes the Finntroll and Equilibrium parts on keyboard more out. This song is also later a bit faster. I can do more with this song since it offers more comparing to the previous one. His length is almost 10 minutes long, but does to the speed changes, he is more interesting. The production of this record is very good. It is clean and sharp and all the elements are very well audible.


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