FINAL DAWN ”Soulless Can’t Repent”

Self-released – 2010 – Finland

Final Dawn delivers “Soulless Can’t Repent” to us with an overall death metal feel that also holds traces of thrash metal elements. You’ll hear influences of bands such as Sepultura and Death throughout certain tracks but only as on homage to their metal roots. The vocals are completely brutal and they carry that classic metal riffing on the titletrack with precision that will have you headbanging along with the tempo. The double pedal drum is delivered with fury as well as the crushing guitar work.

They grab your attention with the final track, “King of the Dead World” as they switch up to more downtuned guitars and more of a sludge-like trudging rhythm. My complaint about this album is that it is way too short, with only five tracks there is not really enough to get a sense of who Final Dawn really are. Other than that it is a solid album with tight musicianship. Hopefully they will offer a little bit more on their next release!


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