Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hamed “Fetusgrinder” Azizi ,death metal and brutal death metal vocalist and the creator/president of Persian / Iranian death metal militia (PSDM/IRDM) / New york death metal militia supporter .I have been in many Iranian death metal bands as official vokills and a brutal death metal project for myself and now working hard to promote and spread Iranian death metal scene .

You are the first Iranian death metal vocalist. How does it feel to success this? And also how was the reaction of the audience in Iran about brutal death metal?

Well first I want to tell to your readers and want ’em to know that there is nothing by way of explanation the first person who did death metal vocals in Iran but Hamedfetusgrinder is one of the first death metal vocalists who was into death metal and exactly brutal death metal in Iranian death metal scene and the person who tried to start and promote death metal sickness in Iran ,about many years ago when our Metal scene takes root and deeply was grow up I try to make a brutal death metal band to fill out our scene with an extreme and sick type of metal style which was not create before officially so this is the reason i putted my steps into the path of fucking sickness .
I want to tell you that death metal or brutal fucking death metal is not completely takes root and spreads in Iran and I believe that we still need more times and more efforts to let this type of fucking Metal sickness spreads into our scene .

How was the Persian/Iranian Death Metal Militia(PSDM-IRDM) Project created?
When I felt that our death metal sickness needs to spread and represent to other scenes I tried to build and create Iranian death metal militia to attain to this fucking goal and certainly the most important reason to create this chapter is to promote Iranian death metal sick progress with PSDM / IRDM fucking supports .

You are in a connection with the death metal foundations in other countries; For both sides, how does it affect on sharing your own music?
Due to the fact that METAL HAS NO BOUNDARIES I also try to making contact with other death metal militias or chapters from all around the world to represent our death metal by sharing our musics and news about our death metal bands and scene together ,in fact we are from one family which is called Metal .
Also one of the Death Metal chapters that I have connection with is from your side is called Turkey Death Metal (TRDM ) and the creator is Batu Cetin the vocalist of Cenotaph the most sickest and oldest death metal band from Turkey .

For the newly death metal bands in your country, your presence must be a great importance. Do you have any specific standards for them to be on your side?
With no doubt ,I just want ‘em to be fucking professional in their progress and represent awesome and pervasive music with no simple tunes shit and exactly must be an active band without splitting or holding up, then I support ‘em with pleasure .

As the Extreminal team thank you for interviewing with us. Finally is there anything for you to say?
First i thank you guys so much too for your interview and your brutal support and then many thanks for the bands and chapters and militias and musicians and peoples who supports PSDM/IRDM and Iranian death metal scene officially ,much appreciate.

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