FETID ZOMBIE ”Vomiting in the Baptismal Pool” – 2010 – USA

One man death metal band from Virginia, Fetid Zombie’s 2nd full lenght album is on the scene. Album cover shows us that band haven’t lost the underground spirit. We generally see one membered bands in black metal but they are good at death metal too.

You can see Mark Riddick in Equimanthorn, Folkearth, Moonroot, Excrescent, Unburied, Unearthed, The Soil Bleeds Black, Hexentanz’s new and old staff. We can see Kam Lee (Death, Massacre), Don Crotsley (Nunslaughter), Steve Miller (Loculus) and Mike Majewski (Devourment) as guest artists.

Drum programming is very successful, but sometimes tones hide the music. Except for that, I may call this as an average death metal band with the brutal, scream, guttural vocals and gore lyrics. Musically, bass guitar tones and two-way vocals makes Gorerotted joy clear.

I suggest to those who love funny death metal bands.


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