War Pro-2013- Portugal

The Portuguese Black Metallers FESTERING are something of the kind of old hands in their genre. Recently they released a new single “Exhumed“ which is distributed via War Productions.
After a short, spheric intro which gets along quite without any vocals it gets with “Exhumed“ straight down to the nitty-gritty. Now, Death Metal is the topic. Old school Death Metal riffs which come in heavy and harsh mingle with severe doubleblast drumming to an independent musical mass. It is hard and severe and goes straight into the listeners’ auditory canals. The whole is played with an incredible speed. There is headbanging non-stop the order of the day! FESTERING take the listener along a rollercoaster ride which is wild and boisterous. The dark, emphatic growls reinforce the harsh character of the single. Very ambitious and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears recorded offers “Exhumed“ everything the Death Metal heart desires. Highly recommended!!!!


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