FESTERGUTS – ” Heritage Of Putrescent “

More Hate Records – 2013 – Russia

The Russians FESTERGUTS are already since 1993 musically on the road. Their latest opus is called “Heritage Of Putrescent“and is distributed via More Hate Productions.
The opener “Above A Cold Body…“ initially starts very calm and spheric. But, this silence is elusive. At the second song “Now I Can Feel You From Inside“ at the latest show FESTERGUTS where the musical journey really goes to. Severe Death Metal is now the order of the day. Supported by partially Thrash Metal riffs the following songs definitely go forwards. With a highspeed doubleblast drumming which is very distinctive and strong-willed the songs receive additional brutality and hardness. The interspersed keyboard elements as well as opera vocals now and then indeed try to moderate the hardness a bit. But they are only very limited successful alone because of the rapidity of the production. This also takes effect on the melodic riffs which are temporary interspered. The dark, powerful growls which go partially in the Grindcore area give additionally the main points. Here is headbanging the order of the day. The all in all eight songs are very energetic and literally thrill the listener. FESTERGUTS are successful in mingeling brutal Death Metal with atmospheric sounds. Thereof originates a very independent, interesting musical mixture. Very dedicated recorded I can only recommend “Heritage Of Putrescent“ to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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