This is the fourth album of this British band and I like to see/hear that they have improved their sound. On one side, it is darker and harder comparing to the previous releases from them and on the other side; it also has more space for some ambiental sound. Even certain Jazz influences are in the mix. When it comes to the atmosphere here, there are only a few bands that can compare to Fen. Agalloch is definitely the closest one, but Fen has a totally different approach to it comparing to them. They don’t relay on acoustic parts. The production here could be done a bit better, because this way it sounds too harsh. A cleaner production would give more to the atmosphere here on this release. The length of this album is OK. 6 songs with a length between 6 and 13 minutes are more than enough. More would only hurt the album. On this album there are 3 songs which I like very much. “The Dying Star” and “Menhir-Supplicant” are very well done, but my personal favorite song is the last song here called “Gathering The Stones”. This is the song with the most atmospheres here on this album and it has the most to offer to the listener.


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