FATHOMHELL ”Non Pietatem Erit”

Self-Released – 2012 – Spain

The Spaniards FATHOMHELL are already since 2010 musically active. They will release in February 2013 their opus “Non Pietatem Erit“ in in-house production.

You can hear here Old School Black Metal. Dark, raw and of endless hate shaped songs which lead the listener in pitch-black realms. Genre typical riffs come into play an icy symbiosis with the dark base frames. As a result loneliness and hopelessness are just reinforced. Severe drumming as well as the dark growls of vocalist Al-Wars gives rise to an atmosphere without hope and light. Al-Wars gives here everything and turns completely his inside out. This manifests at his little short of inhumane screams. “Non Pietatem Erit“ got a very intense cd which also demands quite a lot from the listener. The conscious kept simple production reinforces the primordial character of the cd. FATHOMHELL have created with “Non Pietam Erit“ a strong piece of Black Metal which will surely find many fans. I can only recommend this record!!!

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