FALLING LEAVES ”Falling Leaves”

Self-Released – 2010 – Jordan

This is the first demo of Jordanian band Falling Leaves. They don’t have a split, album, EP etc except for this one. This demo consists of 3 songs, lasting 5-6 minutes. This band is inspired by My Dying Bride, Katatonia, November Doom but the taste isn’t the same.

This band is far more than my expectations. But still, they have a long way to go. There’s sufficence of substructure but you can feel doom metal air easily. Keyboards, guitars and vocals are exactly doom metal. I especially liked the clean vocals.

This kind of album cover is used much in doom metal, a dead branch into the mist. Lyrics are generally about death, misery, suffering.

I can suggest this to the ones who look for something different. I think they can be more successful in the future.


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