I have to ask one of the classical entry questions. Here are not many people know your band in Turkey. Could you tell about the history of your band briefly please ?
The idea came out in the year of 2006 by Ala’a Swalha and Abdul-aziz Assaf, went through a lot of ups and downs throught the years after. They found Rami playing in one of the events. Anas Showed up. After that, some kind of auditions came to be for a bassist. Eyad Salameh was a good choice. But, he had to leave for some personal reasons. And Tamer Al-Shishani showed up again as a bassist.

Population in your country who are busy with this style of music should increase, you also worked with a lot of musicians and parted ways. You must be forcing the conditions to be a permanent band ?
As long as we’re harmonized, I think nothing can stop us. All the conditions we’ve been through is just something ordinary, any band might be through it. We’re looking forward to keep the harmony and perfect combination between us.

When we view your country as general, we see there are bands in many styles such as black metal, doom or thrash metal. But most of their styles are depressive and protest, do the conditions of life make them to make this style or are you depressive guys ?
This genre describes our feelings and we hope that we can deliver what we feel to the listeners. So, I think that depression is a part of our personality not a way of life.

You published your first songs, how were the reactions of people? All music fans can approve your music style even though they never listen to metal. Because mostly there are clean vocals in your tracks. In brief, what do you think about the reactions of people to you and your music ?
As we still didn’t release the CD to the markets, we’re Surprised as it reached our expectations, shocked to hear that non-metal listeners liked our music.

Are your compositions and lyrics influenced by your life? What (or who) are you influnced by when you write the lyrics ?
Influenced by our circumstances.

Are there any bands you take as an example for your musical works ?
Yes, Saturnus – Forest of Shadows – Daylight Dies and Before The Rain.

Are you interested in policy? What do you think about the last and increasing events come out in your neighbour Palastine ?
We pray and wish from god to stop this blood drain. Our Condolences to the free souls that sacrificed them selves for the freedom of Gaza. Special condolences to the Turkish Martyrs And, as the least we can do, there’s something coming up for Gaza. We pray and wish from god to stop this blood drain.

Do you have any other occupations except music ?
Sure, everyone of us has his own career beside the music.

What are the band members expectations from the future?
We hope to put our signature in the doom metal scene and be side by side with the great doom metal bands. Also make a new touch in melodic doom/death metal.

Thank you very much for your answers. Finally, do you have something to say to the doom metal fans?
First, thanks to for supporting us.
To doom metal fans, Thanks for the support. Keep it on.

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