Faine Misto – Territory of Free People

Faine Misto returns Freedom - One of the Greatest music festival in Ukraine!

Faine Misto Returns Freedom (2021)

Faine Misto is not just a music festival, it is a city in a parallel reality, which once a year could be entered through a magical portal. Once here, a life full of daily worries and monotonous routines is replaced by a world of fun entertainment. This was the case until the pandemic swept the world. Mankind began to lose its sense of freedom.

That is why on July 28, when the new world reality has become commonplace, the Faine Misto will reopen its gates to its world, so that everyone can find what rightfully belongs to him: freedom and thirst for life.

Faine Misto is a territory with typical features of the usual understanding of the city, it has its own architecture, religion, laws and local governments. At the entrance to the city, each resident will receive a passport of the Faine Man, which can be registered by contacting the local registry office at the festival. Here, too, the Pastor can legalize one’s marital status regardless of race, religion, gender, education and hair colour. The only law that remains unchanged in the Territory of Free People is the Constitution of the Faine Misto.

Each resident can contribute their ideas, wishes and comments on the organization of the
city. To do this, contact the City Hall – the main executive body in the centre of the festival.

The City Hall will listen to every piece of advice and decision and implement good ideas to improve
the quality of life in the city. The Faine Misto will not happen without city holidays and carnivals. During the festival, residents will celebrate City Day, Constitution Day and Faine People Day.

28.07-1.08, 2021

Ternopil Hippodrome, Ternopil/Ukraine

The story of “Faine Misto” began with a friends party in 2013. The first festival took place on Chaika Island in the Taras Shevchenko Park in Ternopil. In 2014, “Faine Misto” moved to the airport “Ternopil”, and since 2017 the festival is held at the Ternopil Hippodrome. 2018 was the beginning of the recent history of the Faine Misto. This year the definition “festival” became only a formality for the Faine Misto, a musical and entertaining event in the usual meaning was transformed into a temporary city in a parallel reality with its own «government», constitution, religion and moral principles. In 2019, the festival was visited by more than 18,000 unique visitors. In 2020, due to the spread of the pandemic, Faine Misto was unable to accept its inhabitants.

Festival participants during the eight years of the festival’s existence, such well-known foreign bands as “Powerwolf”, “Arch Enemy”, “The Rasmus”, “Oomph!”, “Guano Apes”,”Tarja Turunen”, “Kadebostany”, “Poets Of The Fall”, ” Pain “, “Eskimo Callboy” and others performed on its stages. In 2021, the main headliners of the Faine Misto will be “Me and that Man”

The most popular Ukrainian bands “The Hardkiss”, “Boombox”, “Braty Gadyukiny”, “TNMK”, “Druha Rika”, “O.Torvald”, “Onuka”, “Antytila”, “Skryabin”, “Pianoboy”, “Dymna Sumish”, and many others also performed at “Faine Misto” in different years.

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