FACINORA ”Born in Fear”

2009 – Brazil

Facinora are four post-pubescent teens who’ve matured fast in their musical upbringing. So fast, in fact, it’s heard on the jagged riffs and testosterone driven decibels that propel the 20 odd minutes of music inside their demo, “Born In Fear.” Packing everything save for the clean production and additional songs to make it a full length—the cover art is impressive enough—Facinora’s first foray into a serious discography proves a few steps ahead of most amateur bands’ efforts, even if opener “Empty Illusions” odiously imitates Slayer’s “Angel of Death.” Not only do they pay tribute to their number one influence, they plagiarize them as well. Tsk, tsk.

Redemption comes with “War Between Selfish,” which really doesn’t make much sense as a title. Then again, English is an awkward second language for the band’s writers. Ignoring the lousy grammar, the song itself can musically hold its own against the other tracks considering it was recorded by just 2/4’s of the present lineup (the other guys hadn’t entered the fold until much later). On “War Between Selfish” an aggressive intro shifts to old school charm like your favorite Exodus or Forbidden, then it’s riffs galore.

“Despair” is Facinora’s most intelligent song in terms of structure and composition. It simply breathes menace from start to finish. The curtains fall on this EP once “The Evil” burns a hole in your speakers with its furious guitar solo. With “Born In Fear” Facinora have proven beyond a doubt that they can play in the same league as Evile or Warbringer, lousy English grammar be damned. This is an impressive release from a bunch of young guns out to make a name for themselves. While this can’t be rated as a debut effort, metalheads can still applaud the potential these Brazilians have.


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