EXTREMA ”The Seed of Foolishness”

Fuel Records – 2013 – Italy

EXTREMA are an old hand of the Italian Metal. Since several years musically on the road they show with “The Seeds Of Foolishness“ again a sign of life.

Sowith Groove Metal sounds like this. A wilde mixture of hard Metal riffs and melodic parts. But, the songs of EXTREMA doesn’t sound as easy as all that. Poweful Thrash Metal riffs melt with melodic Nu Metal (or anyway you may call these melodies) to innovate songs which sound fresh and unconsumed. They thereby experiment with all kinds of tempo variations so that “The Seeds Of Foolishness“ never gets boring or stagnates. Bass lines which come in forceful reinforce and emphasise innovation and self-assertion of the production. The diversified vocals, from clean vocals to snotty cheeky to growls is evrything represented, do yet one last thing in order to design the cd lively. The neck muscle rotates here from the first to the last note. Very professional recorded it gets very obvious that professionals were at work who know their stuff. EXTREMA know what they want and are able to implement this perfectly. Who is into melodies and hardness and who is also not reluctant of the sounds of the 90-ies can garb here unhesitatingly!!!


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