EXTIRPATION ”Reverse The Reality”

Grom Records – 2013 – Italy

Last month the Italians EXTIRPATION released their cd “Reverse The Reality“ via Grom Records.

After a very calm intro which seems to be very oriental and at the same time experimental and gets along quite without vocals it gets with “The Door Of Madness“ straight down to the nitty-gritty! Here are merged Black Metal elements with Thrash Metal sounds to an independen musical unity. Pitch-black and hopeless base frames which are relaxed and sophisticated by Thrash Metal riffs. Thereby very independent and also arbitrary sound creations develop. The Thrash Metal performances are Old School through and through which still reinforces and emphasizes the raw and primordial character of the production. The powerful but never too exaggerated drumming runs like a common thread through the all in all nine songs. Little melodic speckles now and then as well as variations in speed give “Reverse The Reality“ energy and liveliness. Technical impeccable recorded show EXTIRPATION that you can also play in the year 2013 genre overlapping Old School music without thereby being antiquated. Listen to EXTIRPATION and build your personal opinion! It’s worth it!!!

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