EXILE(Jor) – Unveiling Insanity

Darzamadicus Records – 2018- Jordan

The Jordanian band EXILE are already since 2008 as a band musically active. After a full-length cd in 2012 (“Suspended Society….“) the guys released in December 2018 the sequel “Unveiling Insanity“. They received hereby help from Darzamadicus Records.

The gents play a very interesting mix of Thrash Metal and creative musical insertions. However, the basic frame is and will be Thrash Metal. Sprinkled with many, very arbitrary Metal riffs which provide the production their very own character. They give pep and innovation, buth they are anything but too extreme or even disturbing. The technical well played riffs give freshness and identity. Together with skilful gimmickry in terms of speed they amaze the listener over and over. You can hear here everything from calm passages through to hard thrashing. But, the at first as a random chaos appearing musical mixture makes sense and is very well carefully thought out. Technically adept musicians which fetched Thrash Metal off the dusty corner in the presence. Listen to the opus and form your own opinion!!!!


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