You guys released a debut finally,how the supporters react to your first vomits ?
The reaction was good , we’ve got plenty of good reviews about it , and the ones who listened to it gave us a positive feed back , so we are slightly pleased .

Does living in a distant country have any negative effects for your music ?
Certainly , for example we travel to another country to play live. We cannot distribute our own music in our country we cannot even get a copyright for our CD’s, and the record labels can’t reach us despite of our music quality .

I Saw some pictures when you guys played in your own country for the first time ?How many people were attending and how the people saw your performance , i guess is first time in Jordan,right?
Yes indeed , it was our first time in Jordan, and the attendance was good but not as expected , however , the crowd went crazy and wild ! and it was a good show . and we’r looking forward to play again in our country .

We met in Istanbul before and you performed little show in some shitty local bar ,i think you guys deserve more people to watch but it was your first ever performance in different country,whoooaaaa how was it feel like ?
It was great ! and we did expect more attendance, however , it was great , and it was an honor to play in such a great country like turkey !

Why you calling yourselves as a EXILE,there is tooooo fucking many Exile all around the world,i think it has a some story about it ,come on ?
Well , the story behind our name that we are Palestinians , and our families were exiled from our home country , so we named the band after that .

Dead thrashers rising is your first work in the scene ,what did u think about it as a starter ? You guys think about it when the first guitar riffs came from in your mind," we will play in abroad and meet some great guys " ?
In our opinion , I guess it was good as a demo , we didn’t have the experience back then to compose songs and to write lyrics , and I believe it gave us the motivation to continue , and therefore we composed suspended societymutilated variety, and we hope our music will be heard all over the world

Tell me about the creation of Suspended Society … album ,what you guys talking about this album ?
It was really hard for us as we mentioned above that we didn’t have the experience , but I guess we did well at least in our opinion , the album talks about freedom, corruption and social issues.

So here is final questions ,which band your fav in Jordan?
There are many good bands in Jordan , and actually we cant choose only one .

Say something to our readers ?
Thank you for reading this , and keep supporting us . thrash rise fuckers.

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