EXHUMATION ”Hymn to Your God”

Self Released – 2012 – Indonesia

Exhumation is a DM band from Yogyakarta Indonesia. Hymn to Your God first released March 5th, 2012. Re-issue via Dunkelheit Produktionen (Ger) February, 2014. Members are: Greg and Unan aka-Bones, Ghoul. Agung. (live sessions drums), J. of Headkrusher, live sessions guitars.
The band got their start in 2008. This is their debut album. The opening track hints at a Behemoth influence and perfectly leads the listener into a blackened void before they unleash the attack. The Apotheosis displays a wide of array of technical drumming, from solid tactical double bass kicks and creative tom rolls to some interesting cymbal fills. The production really brings out all the instruments in pristine quality. Within the madness and chaos we also hear choice solos that are placed in key parts of the compositions making them stay interesting and memorable. The level of talent displayed is tremendous, considering this is a debut and they have only been together a handful of years. The title track Hymn to Your God, caught me by surprise. A tribal style, with female chanting is introduced, showing a high contrast compared to the other material we just got done listening to. Very well executed and shows how versatile the group can be. Finally, they close this album with a Blasphemy cover “Ritual”, although obscure and mostly underground followers will know what this song is. Its a great choice and they bring this hymn to another level adding their own tinge to it. In conclusion, the entire album is a must have for true DM fans. Extreme and brutal with a dark atmosphere of a rising abyss.


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