EVILSPELL are from Italy. Since 2006 active as a band the gents put by the end of 2013 their opus “Necrology“ via Black Side Records on the market.
It really gets going here from the fist note on. Thrash Metal from the first to the last second. The gents display targeted and without any compromises a breathtaking speed. Screaming guitars and the snotty vocals of guitarist and vocalist Filo share the street attitude without any experiments, but with a proper portion of Speed Metal, straight to the listener. Traditional riffs which may also be longer put the final kick to the production. They straight transport the listener to the good old days without thereby being too melancholy or antiquated. Calmer passages give the listener a little time to breathe in oder to immediately go flat out after that. The bands’ name let already presage that their lyrics are faced to the dark side. EVILSPELL sowith live up to their bands’ name. Thereby came out tweleve songs which are independent, but sound nevertheless familiar. By the skilful teamwork of music and speed develops freshness and energy which thrill the listener. Technically very adept recorded I can only recommend “Necrology“ to each Thrash Metal fan!!!!


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