EVERSIN joined My Kingdom Music. Their new album “Divina Distopia” is a pure Italian Techno Power-Thrash a la Nevermore, Annihilator ready for a release on February 19th. With this second full-lenght album, EVERSIN presents a 7 tracks masterpiece of pure strenght. Epic, roaring, intense vocals, and strong “like razor cutting“ Metal riffs are wrapped by progressive and sperimental keyboards. Characterized by an imposing sound, “Divina Distopia” represents a further new step for the Italian Metal Scene. Megadeth, Annihilator and Iced Earth fuse with Nevermore and Symphony X. When strenght meets strenght!
Eversin comment: “”Divina Distopia” is the result of years of efforts. Undoubtedly it is a work that expresses what EVERSIN is now and what they represent. It is technical and emotional, fast and hungry at the same time. We could say that it is the ideal meeting between a kind of American Thrash and the technical and the more cutting German Power”.

01. X.E.N.O.S.
02. Wings Ov Tears
03. In The Shadow Of The Rose
04. Divina Distopia
05. Angel Of Silence
06. Suddenly
07. In My Dreams They Live

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