ESDRELON ”Dust In Our Eyes”

Casket Music – 2012 – Brazil

ESDRELON are from Brazil and already since 2002 musically active. In July 2012 they put their full-length cd “Dust In Our Eyes“ on the scene.

The guys get also properly started. You can hear Thrash Metal with much Death Metal of the harsh kind. Dark, aggressive and with a good and proper portion energy ESDRELON get to work. Thereby is not only played in highspeed. The songs move all in the mid tempo area. The gents put now and then calmer passages which equalize the songs a bit. The all in all ten songs is given identity and independency by melodic riffs which may be calm and thrashy. But, don’t worry! Brutality and hardness certainly survive at “Dust In Your Eyes“. Here are also made excursions in the traditional Heavy Metal area which gives the production a certain uniqueness. Thereby the dark growls remain retained at each single song. This pretty arbitrary mixture is however very worth hearing and energetic. Technically adept recorded “Dust In Our Eyes“ shows which potential is in ESDRELON. The musical concept goes off here completely. I am sure we will hear a lot more of the band in the future! Listen to the cd. It’s worth it!!!

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